Everything about beardoil

The serious beard wearer immediately knows what you are talking about when you start talking about beard oil. However, the rest of the world will probably scratch his chin and wonder what the hell it is.

We will explain on this page what beard oil is, how you use beard oil, where beard oil comes from, and many more fun facts about beard oil ….

What is beard oil

To take a short turn; Beard oil is a care product for men with a beard.

If you have a beard, you will probably no longer shave and it is often forgotten to take good care of the skin under your beard. You no longer use aftershave, so the nice smelling aspect will no longer be there either.

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History of beard oil

The use of beard oil goes way back. The first references are from the time of the Babylonians (1800 BC – 500 BC). They used sesame seed oil to care for their beards.

And many other references can be found in our history

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How do you use beard oil

A child can do the laundry!

There are no rules when to use beard oil. You use it when you like it. This can be in the morning when you are standing in front of the mirror and you are refreshing to start the day. Or after showering (just before showering is a bit nonsensical and a waste of money). You can use it when you go to bed. Or even several times during the day.

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Where do you buy beard oil

There are a lot of different places where you can buy oil beard.

Visit your local barber. Or you search the internet and look at various (specialized) web stores. And you can always visit your local drugstore.

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