Beard oil “Tips & Tricks”

On this page you will randomly find a few “tips & tricks” regarding beard oil. In short, just a handy collection.

Do not use too much beard oil

Make sure you do not use too much beard oil. Your beard otherwise feels greasy and that is not pleasant. If you put beard oil in your beard and your hands are still covered with oil afterwards, you have probably used too much. If your hands are completely dry, you can try to use more. Not every beard is equally thirsty. You will have to figure out what is the ideal amount for you. This can also vary per oil.

Spread the beard oil well through your beard

You must spread the beard oil well through your beard. It is best to use a beard comb (made from horn) or a beard brush (made from boar hair) for this. With this you brush / comb the oil through your beard and ensure that it ends up everywhere.

Apply beard oil after showering

After showering is the ideal time to apply beard oil. Because of the (warm) water, the pores of your skin open and the hair scales open. This allows your beard and skin to absorb the oil better. Read more here …

Get control over your beard

beard oil

Do you have a beard that looks messy and are you unable to comb or brush it in style? Then try this before you staart using beard wax. Thoroughly wet a washcloth under the hot tap. Hold this against your beard. This makes the beard hairs softer and makes it easier to model. If your beard cools down, chances are that it will stay in shape. In fact, this is a proven method that the barber also uses when he starts shaving his customers. A hot cloth makes the hair soft and easier to handle. Be careful not to burn your chin.

Watch out with cheaper products

Cheaper is usually expensive. Cheaper products often are not safety checked, or contain cheap ingredients that are not so good for your beard, your skin and yourself. In short, do yourself a favour and make sure you buy good quality products.

Use a natural beard oil

It is a fact that products on a natural basis are better (read: healthier) for you. A natural beard oil (if properly formulated) works just as well as a beard oil full of chemical additives. Take a look at Dutchbeards for a nice assortment of natural products.

A special beard shampoo is not required

A special beard soap or shampoo is not required. There are many rumors on the internet that you should not wash your beard with normal shampoo. This is partly true. Actually the same applies here as what we advise on beard oil. A cheap shampoo is often full of ingredients that are not good for your beard and your skin. That is why a much heard (counter) advice is to wash your beard with conditioner instead of shampoo. This is also an opinion that we agree with. Fortunately there is indeed shampoo (and conditioner) available that is not harmful for your beard hair and your chin. Andyou can also simply use this shampoo for the hair on your head. In short, look for a shampoo (and conditioner) that is not too aggressive. You use this for your beard and head hair. Saves us another purchase and a place on the shelf in the shower.

If your skin does not respond well, ask for advice!

If your skin does not respond well, ask for advice! When you notice that your skin is not responding well. For example, irritation, redness, flakes. Then there is a good chance that you respond to an ingredient in the product that you use. This does not necessarily mean that the product is “wrong”, it may well be that your skin has an allergic reaction to a certain allergen. The cosmetics legislation recognizes 26 different allergens, which also occur in natural products. In short, do not play doctors yourself, but consult your doctor or dermatologist. A good producer must always be able to tell you what is in their products, and it is your right to ask about this.

Don’t believe in miracle products!

Miracle products does not exist! Not really! In other words, faster beard growth, a fuller beard, a longer beard, this is all genetically determined. You have it or you don’t have it. If you really can’t grow a beard, you can always ask for advice about. a hair transplant. However, these are very intervening and painful interventions. Be happy with what you have is our advice.

Make your own beard oil

Make your own beard oil. It is very simple and as long as you adhere to a few simple guidelines, nothing can go wrong. You can start relatively easily with a simple recipe. Below you will find an example:

  • 20 ml of argan oil
  • 20 ml of jojoba oil
  • 40 ml sweet almond oil
  • 20 drops (max) essential oil of your choice. (20 drops is approximately 1 ml)

If you are going to experiment yourself, never use more than 1% of fragrances. As long as you do not consult a cosmetic chemist, you do not know what kind of misery you are getting on your neck (chin). And beware with perfume oils, these can contain a higher concentration of allergens and even 1% can be too much.

Watch out with citrus scents (orange, mandarin, lemon, etc ..). These can cause discolorations of the skin and this is not reversible.

Shake well and your beard oil is ready. Put it in a bottle with a dropper or pipette (often available at your pharmacist) and you have your own beard oil. If you are going to sell it, then you will enter a completely different area and you will have to take into account all the rules and legislation. In short, leave that up to the professionals.