How to use beardoil

Beard oil is very easy to use. It could hardly be easier!

Beardoil, the rules!

Beardoil bottle
Beardoil comes most of the time with a pipet to apply the oil

There are no rules when to use beard oil. You use it when you like it. This can be in the morning when you are standing in front of the mirror and you are refreshing to start the day. Or after showering (just before showering is a bit nonsensical and a waste of money). You can use it when you go to bed. Or even several times during the day.

It is important to know that your beard hair opens when you shower. The same thing happens with the pores of your skin. So if you use beardoil just after showering, your skin and hair will absorb the oil better.

The most important thing is that you should not use too much. Because if you do that you run the risk of walking around with a greasy beard. A good beard oil penetrates into your beard hairs and your skin. But even a good beardoil will give you a greasy beard if you use it too much.

Smear it in your beard

So put a few drops on your hand and rub it between your hands. Then you rub the oil in your beard. Make sure you go with your fingers through your beard and make sure that you also massage the skin under your beard so that the oil gets there too. If your hands feel dry now you could use a little more. However, if your hands are still wet from the oil, you have used too much.

In principle, you are now done applying the beard oil. However, it is wise to spread the oil even better through your beard hair. You do this using a comb and / or brush. Choose a comb made of horn (or at least of good quality wood) or a brush with boar bristles. These are both products that do not damage your beard and pick up the oil well so that it is better distributed.

And you’re done.

Tip from us: If you go through your beard hair with some damp fingers during the day, the smell will return with a good oil. Do this for example, if you have washed your hands.

Another tip from us: If you are looking for a good beardoil, and you want to have a wide range of fragrances, take a look at Dutchbeards. Our favorite with regard to natural handmade bath care products.

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