Where do you buy beardoil?

There are many different ways to get beardoil. If you are a beard wearer, chances are that you will regularly visit the barber. Many barbers always have a few brands of beardoil for sale in their barbershop. And if you go to a good barber then he will certainly recommend the use of oil.

Buy beardoil online

Then of course there are also the online channels. There are more than enough web shops that sell beard care products. You can find this in in your country but also with great ease abroad. However, then you often have to take into account high costs for shipping your products. Nowadays you can even buy your beard oil in China through the well-known websites there, but you often do not know what kind of raw materials are used and whether your beard oil is safe to use.

Local stores

There is also always the possibility to check with your local drug store to see if they sell beard oil. We are increasingly seeing drugstores expanding their range with beard care products such as beard oil. However, our experience is that these are often very cheap products. And you do not only notice that in the price …

What does a beard oil cost?

We have come across very different prices. Varying from € 1.50 to € 69 (and it can probably be even crazier. The average price is between € 20 and € 30 for a bottle of 30 ml. In most cases, the price is relates to the quallity. A good base oil is more expensive to purchase than a cheaper one, and the same can of course be said about the fragrances. In addition, a producer will have to invest a lot of money in the safety assessments and tests that must be applied to their products. Apart from all other rules and legislation that they must conform to, a good product costs money. But you often get value for money.

We are personally a fan of Dutchbeards products. They make natural beard care products in a traditional way with excellent scents. You can find their products at different barbershop but they also have their own online sales channel at www.dutchbeards.com