What is beard oil?

Bluntly said

Beard oil is a care product for men with a beard.

beard oil
Beard oil

If you have a beard, the chance that you shave is as good as zero. You no longer use aftershave, so those pleasant fragrances also remain in the cupboard. And because you are no longer concerned with your chin when you are in front of the mirror in the morning, it is often forgotten to look after the skin under your beard.

In addition, wearing a beard can bring you new challenges, such as beard itch, beard dandruf, or other discomfort.

Every man who seriously grouws his beard (we are not talking about the weekend beards) will have his own reasons for this. But whatever the reason is, no one wants to have discomfort from his beard. Perhaps you now wonder what beard oil has to do with it.

First the question, “what is beard oil”

Beard oil consists of one or more base oils with added essential oils or perfume oils for the scent. Various other ingredients are possible, but more about that later

A good beard oil consists of 98% base oil. You can think of argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil, coconut oil, etc … These are natural oils that all have their own specific properties. One is skin-specific (occurs naturally in the skin), the other softens or nourishes your hair. And another makes your skin more flexible. In short, a good beard oil is composed in such a way that it makes your beard softer, gives more shine (it therefore looks healthy and cared for). And the skin under your beard is well cared for.

Then we come to the smell aspect. You can buy an odorless beard oil and then also use your favorite perfume or eau de toilette. Or you go for a beard oil that smells nice by itself. These scents are often formulated with perfume oil (not natural) or essential oil (natural) Finally, a good beard oil always has vitamin E (tocopheryl acetate) as an ingredient. This ensures that the product has a longer shelf life, and as an incidental feature; it is also good for your skin.

Bad or cheap beard oil

Unfortunately, there are also many bad products on the market. A good beard oil has been tested for safety (like all cosmetics in the EU) and contains no ingredients that are “less good” for you. Many producers do not have their products tested and are therefore often not even aware that they are putting a bad product on the market. Below are some examples;

  • Too many fragrances
    • High concentrations of fragrances (whether or not they are natural) can be extremely harmful to your skin. Natural substances can also contain allergens or even substances that discolor your skin. Such a discoloration will most likely never go away.
    • The reason why they add this; Much frangrance smells stronger and the smell lingers longer. But a good formula does not need this
  • Silicones
    • Silicones leave a layer on your hair and skin. This closes the skin and hair and so they won’t get oxygen anymore. In short, you are suffocating your skin.
    • The reason why they add this; Adding silicone makes the oil feel smoother, and ultimately also your beard, (silicone is a lubricant). In short, this gives a pleasant feeling. There are, of course, natural alternatives, but they are very expensive. And not necessary in our view. A good beard oil makes your beard healthy and therefore it becomes softer and gives it more shine. So then you don’t need the silicone at all.
  • Products with alcohol
    • These are often called beard tonic. Alcohol dries out (expels water). It also dissolves fats. This removes the natural oil that is on your skin and in your hair. Everyone understands that this is not a very wise thing to do.
    • The reason why they add this; Gives a fresh feeling and is told that this has a cleansing and disinfecting effect. That’s right but it cleans a little too well.
  • Other additions
    • We are not all going to name these, but we do want to make you aware. Often products are added that promise you that you get a fuller beard, or that your beard grows faster, or even that it becomes longer. There is no miracle product. If that had been the case, we would no longer have bald people and a few inventors would have been outrageously rich.
    • The reason why they add this; To increase their profit. Unfortunately, there are still enough people who fall for this. And want to pay for these miracle remedies. You have a full beard or not! Your beard has a natural maximum length, this is different for everyone. Your hair grows at a certain speed, and this is also different for everyone. In short, be happy with what you have and have a lot of patience if you want to have a long and full beard. And yes unfortunately, some of us are unlucky …

In brief

Beard oil makes your hair softer. Because of this you will be less bothered by beard itch. Baard oil takes care of your skin under your beard. This way you will be less bothered by beard dandruf and your skin will stay healthy

And as a bonus, you also smell nice

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